The Development Studies Association (DSA) are hosting their annual conference on 1st November 2014.  This year, the theme for the conference is the post-2015 development agenda. Following SIID’s collaboration with BOND on the ID100 project, we are co-hosting a panel at the conference on “The role of development practitioners in identifying priorities for international development research”

This panel will focus on the relationship between academics and development practitioners in international development research, using the methodology applied in a recent priority-setting exercise convened by SIID as a case study and entry-point for the discussion.

SIID’s Lorenza Fontana is one of the panellists for the session, and together with Sonia Roschnik (The Humanitarian Centre), Neva Frecheville (CAFOD), and Kate Gooding (University of Leeds), the panel will discuss the following questions:

  • What are the benefits of involving a wide range of stakeholders in agenda-setting processes for international development research?
  • What methods and approaches have been effectively used in creating spaces for NGOs and academics to discuss and develop shared priorities?
  • What are some of the challenges academics and NGOs have encountered when engaging in collective research processes in the past?
  • How could relationships between NGOs and academics be better supported?

Please visit our events page for full details on the panel.