SIID’s Dr Paula Meth recently chaired the workshop: Urban Housing in Mexico and South Africa: A Comparrison at the University of Sheffield.

This workshop explored comparative themes relating to housing in both Mexico and South Africa focusing on the lived experiences, as well as the wider implications of state-subsidised housing.

Dr Meth brought together esteemed participants from around the UK and South Africa to explore this new area of comparative research. Future research projects and publications in this area were also discussed and the keynote speaker at this event was Dr Gareth Jones from the London School of Economics.

Dr Jones’ research interests are in urban geography, with a particular interest in how people make use of the city, how cities are represented by policy and practice. He has conducted research in Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, India, Ghana and South Africa. He is editor or author of a number of books, most recently Youth Violence in Latin America: Gangs and juvenile justice in perspective (edited with D. Rodgers, Macmillan-Palgrave, New York). He is presently completing a joint book entitled Bringing Youth into Development (Zed) and has an advance contract with Temple University Press for a book tentatively entitled Street Corners in a Global World: everyday life and identities of Mexican street youth.