New Initiatives

One of the SIID’s strengths is that it is fast moving and agile. It responds to new issues in development affairs and new strengths that emerge in the University.

This webpage highlights some of the emerging opportunities and initiatives on which we are working.

Development Alternatives Study Group

Development Alternatives is a study group supported by the Sheffield Institute for International Development which engages with scholarship on development alternatives that emerge from distinct disciplines and draw on, both, Northern and Southern perspectives. This includes, among others, current work on alternatives to economic growth or sustainable development framed through concepts such as Buen Vivir in Latin America, degrowth in Europe and North America, Ubuntu in Southern Africa, and Swaraj in India.

The group meets on a regular basis to discuss the writings of key thinkers on development alternatives with the aim to develop a Sheffield approach in this significant emerging field of research and practice.

Do you want to find out more about the study group? Interested in getting involved?

Get in touch with Andrea Jimenez ( and Philipp Horn(

Next reading group meeting:

When? 22nd May 2019, 11am - 1pm
Where? Pool Seminar Room G03 in 9 Mappin Street
Topic: Decolonisation and Development Alternatives


Text 1 (introduction to decoloniality):
Text 2 (decolonising development studies):

For those who want to explore decolonisation debates in more depth, you may also want to look into the following texts:

1) Introducing decoloniality -; book by Catherine Walsh & Walter Mignolo entitled "On Decoloniality : Concepts, Analytics, Praxis" (available online at Sheffield Library);

2) Decolonising the curriculum -;;