Recent years have seen an increasing awareness of the global dimensions of individual and population health. A variety of global environmental and economic changes impact directly on health, as do a range of globalization-related processes from increased migration and trade flows to the growth of global markets in products such as food, tobacco and pharmaceuticals. At the same time, countries’ health systems are subject to external influence more than ever before as a result of global-level target-setting, financial aid, policy transfers and more. Health occupies a prominent place on international development agendas and is inextricably linked with other contemporary development challenges. Our work brings together scholars from across departments and faculties at the University of Sheffield who share a common interest in the relationships between health and health services (at the individual, local and national levels) and global social, political, economic and environmental processes. We take an explicitly multidisciplinary approach, with participants from a wide range of backgrounds including public health, medicine, geography, politics and international relations, sociology and information studies.  You can read some of our blogs or listen to a podcast here.

Theme lead:

Dr Simon Rushton