Digital Technologies, Data and Innovation

“Digital Technologies, Data and Innovation” (DDI) brings together 20 staff members and PhD students from 12 departments at the University of Sheffield, including the Information School, Engineering, Geography, Urban Studies and Planning, Grantham Centre, Health, Education, East Asian Studies and Management. This Research Theme aims to help leverage digital technologies, data and innovation for change towards social and environmental justice in a prosperous world. Collaboratively, we will do this by carrying out excellent research and by supporting our people, staff and students, to develop as responsible leaders in this transformative field. You can read some of our blogs or listen to a podcast here.


ESRC Digital Development Strategic Network

Theme lead:

Prof Dorothea Kleine

Current members:

Pamela Abbott (I-School)
Dan Brockington (SIID)
Simin Fadaee (SIID)
Chris Foster (I-School)
Tom Goodfellow (USP)
Edward Goka (ScHARR)
Dan Hammett (Geography)
Caroline Hart (Education)
Eva Hilberg (Education)
Miguel Kanai (Geography)
Dorothea Kleine (Geography)
Alexander Labeit (ScHARR)
Neil Lawrence (Neuroscience)
David Littlewood (Management)
Simon Marvin (Urban Institute)
China Mills (Education)
Johan Oldekop (Geography)
Seth Schindler (Geography)
Mike Smith (Neuroscience)
Vanessa Speight (Engineering)
Kate Taylor-Jones (East Asian Studies)
Sammia Poveda (SIID)

PhD students:
Rob Hardie (PhD, Geography)
Bowy den Braber (PhD, Animal & Plant Sciences, Grantham)
Farouk Umar
Ana Zavala Guillen