The Institute of Work Psychology, based at Sheffield University Management School, is seeking applications for a fully funded PhD ( from exceptional UK/EU/International students with an outstanding academic record (distinction/high merit or equivalent), as well as a proven record in research training.

Broadly, this research theme focuses on processes of organising and organisations, and aims to explore how wider macro social and institutional structures of power are created, maintained and disrupted through micro-level practices within and across organisations.
Research within this overarching theme employs innovative qualitative approaches and is committed to generate knowledge that can make an impact toward more sustainable, equal and just organisations and societies.

We are especially interested in researching new forms of work and organising and their implications for diverse sets of interests and actors, and the specific research might include exploring:
•Management and organisational practices clearly engaged with one or more Sustainable Development Goals, including in organisations in the Global South.
•Partnerships among service delivery organisations and how these impact on the service users and the wider society (e.g. in the health sector)
•Narratives, practices, interventions, strategies that (re-)assert the centrality of  human beings (and not profit) in management and organisation studies.

Applicants should submit a 1000 word research proposal. The proposal should contain a brief background to the topic, which demonstrates knowledge of existing work in the field, and potential contributions to knowledge. It should also explain the proposed research methods and include a plan of the research, and a timeline.

Closing date for application is 13th July 2018.

For enquiries, or further information please contact the academic supervisors:
Dr Emanuela Girei:
Professor Rachael Finn: