Dr. Lorenza Fontana to present at the CUCS Congress 2013, Turin

Dr. Lorenza Fontana, Postdoctoral Research Associate at SIID, will be taking part in the annual CUCS Congress conference on the 19-21 September 2013. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Imagining cultures of cooperation’ Dr. Lorenza Fontana will be presenting a seminar on ‘The Power of Ethnic Labelling: The role of international cooperation and the […]


Making Politics Practical: Workshop to be co-convened by Dr Jojo Nem Singh

The International Development Department (IDD), University of Birmingham and the PSA Development Politics Group will be joining forces once again to host a workshop on “Making Politics Practical (II):  Development Politics and the Changing Aid Environment”. This event will be the follow up to the original workshop held in 2007, with the aim of discussing […]


New blog for SIID

Dr Maite Conde of Brazil Institute, Kings College London and Dr Tariq Jazeel, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography, write a new blog for SIID. The blog entitled ‘Kicking Off in Brazil’ examines the recent protests and social disturbances in Brazil. Read the blog


Social Water: an interdisciplinary postgraduate conference

Call for papers for the Social Water conference on the 25 October at the University of York. Water sustains life, but how might it also be said to sustain communities? Social and cultural engagements with water have become a rapidly expanding research area, a development which has challenged and complicated the previously dominant technical–managerial view of […]


Transformative Gender issue workshop

Director of SIID Professor Jean Grugel is to take part in the Transformative Gender Justice workshop at the Centre for Global Development at the University of Leeds 11 September and 12 September. This workshop looks at the potential for judicial and non-judicial justice mechanisms to have transformative outcomes upon gender relations and the position of […]


Call for Papers on Caribbean literature and space.

Dr Patricia Noxolo, on behalf of the Race in the Americas (RITA) group, seeks papers from postgraduate students and established academics on the theme of Caribbean literature and space. The seminar will be held on Friday 8th November, in the Department of Geography at the University of Sheffield, and attendance will be free of charge. […]