SIID are proud to announce the recent formation of the decolonial reading group:

“We are a newly formed decolonial reading group from across the university departments as well as research levels. The reading group represents a collective of individuals who are all interested in the way that our research, through methodologies and interests, can be seen as colonized. Reading themes are decided, where for a set of weeks, we study and learn from key decolonial texts, interrogate other work by applying a decolonial lens and discuss the impacts that this has on the academy, our personal research, and the ethics of undertaking research in the global south. The group is interested in understanding the impacts that a decolonial lens has on research, and how it might expose embedded ethical presumptions that exist in our academic institutions and environments.”


Participation is open to all. If you would like to be included on the group’s mailing list please contact Juliet De Little ( or Gabriel Silvestre (