A group of SIID fellows, including Philipp Horn, Melanie Lombard and Beatrice de Carli, have recently won a White Rose Collaboration Grant to work collaboratively on a project entitled ‘Contested territories: Interdisciplinary dialogues on conflict, resistance and development alternatives in Latin America’. This project looks at recent political changes in Latin America which point towards a shift away from sustainable development approaches and to a renewed prioritisation of growth-led, speculative and extractivist development models that adversely affect local communities such as indigenous peoples or residents of informal settlements. In this context, local communities often resist uneven patterns of development and advocate for development alternatives based on grassroots knowledge such as Buen Vivir, decoloniality, degrowth and the right to the city.

These alternatives emerge in relation to what is defined in this project as Contested Territories, a concept in which territory denotes the production and appropriation of space and knowledge(s) in and through often overlapping cultural, economic, environmental, political and spatial conflicts occurring at multiple sites, places and scales. The project aims to address these gaps by advancing knowledge about the Contested Territories of development and politics in Latin America. It brings together a team of social science, arts, humanities and environmental researchers with wide expertise in this area, and capitalises on their broader Latin American networks.

In the coming 12 months, network members, experts from Latin America and the UK as well as interested members of the general public will meet in a series of workshops and public engagement events in Sheffield, Leeds and York to discuss the emergence of contested territories in the Latin American context, associated resistance struggles, and possibilities for alternative development futures.

Click here for further details on the project and its members: https://www.whiterose.ac.uk/collaborationfunds/contested-territories-interdisciplinary-dialogues-on-conflict-resistance-and-development-alterna-tives-in-latin-america/