“The world’s poorest people are the worst affected by climate change and these groups were certainly represented in New York, but will they be listened to?”

Dr. Kathryn Green, SIID Research Associate, has published on article for The Conversation on the proceedings of the UN Climate Summit, which took place on 23rd September. In her blog, Kathryn outlines some of the successes from the summit, while making the case for a renewed focus on social justice in the climate agenda if real progress is to be made.

“Without putting social justice at the core of our thinking on climate action, we risk harming the most vulnerable groups of people. For example environmental concerns have been used by big corporations and national governments to justify claiming land for themselves, a process known as ‘green grabbing’ that threatens the well-being of groups dependent on natural resources. Perhaps we can eventually find a way to put people on an equal footing with the green economy but, judging from developments in New York, we don’t seem to be there yet.”

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