SIID Researcher Dr. Jojo Nem Singh is co-organising a workshop on ‘Developmental States Beyond East Asia’, as part of his role as Convenor of the  Development Politics Specialist Group in the Political Studies Association (PSA).

The workshop, which takes place at the University of Newcastle on June 5th, will explore whether the concept of ‘developmental states’ retains analytical purchase on how states respond to pressures of globalisation, particularly in the aftermath of privatisation and liberalisation of national economies.

Keynote speakers for the workshop include James Putzel, Professor of Development Studies at the London School of Economics, and Dr. David Booth, Director of the Developmental Regimes in Africa Project within the Overseas Development Institute.

The Call for Papers is now open, with organisers encouraging papers that address one or more of the following key questions:

  • How can the developmental state model be applied outside of East Asia and outside of the specific historical conditions in which it emerged?
  • What domestic and/or international conditions are necessary for the emergence of new developmental states?
  • What specific policies are central to state-led development in the 21st century?
  • What relationships (if any) can be identified between successful state-driven development and political conditions such as the level of democratization, multiparty competition and civil society activity?
  • How have today’s ‘developmental states’ managed the politics of transition between elites in their country?

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