SIID is pleased to announce it’s first collaboration with innovative company IOD Parc.

IOD Parc is an organisation that works with others helping in the developing and facilitating processes that enhance  future performance.  Their consultancy work in the International Development arena focuses on Organisation Development and Performance Assessment. Their work ranges from global evaluations of international policies and institutions, through to one-to-one coaching and support.

IOD Parc will be collaborating with SIID throughout June. The first in a series of workshops will be Collaborative International Development Methods Workshop, this workshop will explore how the practices of academics and consultants can be brought together to better inform international development research methodologies in the academic and private sectors.   SIID will also co-hosted the International Development Practitioner Workshop; this workshop will bring together International Development  practitioners to Sheffield, including academics, NGO’s and consultants, helping to build better relationships and develop grass roots informed research.