As a part of our International Doctoral Programme (IDP) with the University of Kobe, Graduate School of Business Administration in Japan, SUMS is currently funding an IDP scholarship with Kobe University. The focus of this scholarship is to consider what we can learn from Japanese culture and its values such as creating harmony between people and nature to help achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Another important concept is “Mottainai” which conveys a sense of regret over waste, and a sense of awe and appreciation for the gifts of nature or the sincere conduct of people. This would be an interdisciplinary project and we would welcome students interested in bringing together sustainable development, management and politics in the context of a transition to sustainable agriculture. Upon graduation, students will be awarded PhDs from the University of Sheffield and Kobe University. Please contact Dr. Naoko Komori at with any questions that you might have about this scholarship opportunity.

SUMS also has another PhD scholarship on the topic of Supply chain accounting and accountability that engages with the realisation of social and environmental justice as the means to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) within agricultural value chains. The goal of these projects is to mitigate the adverse impact of the practices of industrial agriculture by developing empirical evidence of the efficacy of an alternative paradigm to agriculture that benefits both the livelihoods of smallholder farmers as well as the environment. Further, there is an opportunity for another project within the area of supply chain accounting that could focus on the usage of inorganic fertilisers which is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). It is likely that using a system of agriculture that reduces fertiliser use will have a positive impact on reducing GHGs. This project would engage with carbon accounting and in doing so would be able to provide an ecological account of the impact that the system of agriculture has on the environmental impact of the food system including its ecological footprint in terms of measuring its GHGs. Please contact Dr. Sanjay Lanka at with any questions that you might have about this scholarship opportunity.