There are a number of taught masters courses across the University on the subject of international development and international relations.  Please visit the relevant links below to access more information on specific courses and how to apply.

MA in International Development

This course combines the latest academic work with hands-on, practical experience of development projects and research.

MSc in Environmental Change & International Development

The MA International Development course combines the latest academic research with hands-on, practical experience of development projects and research.

MPH in International Development & Public Health

This course combines the latest academic work with hands-on, practical experience from the Department of Geography and the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR).

MA in Food Security and Food Justice

This MA offers a programme that engages with interdisciplinary aspects of the topic, offers analytical and conceptual understanding, delivers employability/entrepreneurial skills, and enhances critical engagement with the subject through international experience.

MA Cities and Global Development

The course is aimed at those wishing to acquire the skills and knowledge to pursue careers in international development assistance, urban governance, planning and environmental policy in the global South.

LLM in International Law and Global Justice

This course offers the opportunity to gain a critical understanding of the role of international law in advancing justice both in times of peace and war.

MA in International Politics

You will learn from world-leading academics who are pushing the boundaries of the discipline to develop fresh perspectives and ideas.

MA in Global Political Economy

Globalisation is a major issue in international politics. You’ll engage with the pressing issues of the global political economy after a rollercoaster start to the twenty-first century..

MA in Globalising Education: Policy and Practice

The course explores educational policy and practice in changing international contexts. It's ideal for educational professionals including teachers, administrators and managers.

MA in Global Politics & Law

The course can be tailored to suit graduates who already have some knowledge of the subject or graduates from related disciplines such as history, economics or philosophy.

MSc in International Social Change and Policy

This programme will develop your awareness of the most pressing challenges posed by social change and enable you to critically examine dominant policy responses at national, cross-national comparative and global levels.

MA in Global Journalism

If you're interested in learning about how journalism is practised across the world, what threats and challenges it faces and if you want to get some hands-on practical experience then the MA in Global Journalism is for you.

MA in International Political Communication

This course is intended for individuals who wish to go on to do MPhil or PhD research in Political Communications or for people who wish to move into a career in political or public communications.