The built environment is known to influence various social and physical processes. Its design is particularly important for people with physical, sensory or cognitive impairment, as it can be used to facilitate wayfinding, improve quality of life, maintain and empower social networks and increase autonomy. Given these challenges, and acknowledging the ageing population is now reaching unprecedented levels, there is a real need to develop, manage and facilitate age-friendly environments in line with inclusivity requirements and core priorities such as promoting healthy and active living. The lecture will present a review of recent research on ageing and inclusive design of the built environment, to understand the influence of the built environment on cognitive health and cognitive ageing, and suggest a way forward for wellbeing in the built environment. It will also summarise Karim’s journey to Sheffield!

All are welcome to attend and there is no need to register. A celebratory wine reception will take place after the Lecture in ICOSS Foyer.


Karim Hadjri Poster