The Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID) would like to announce participation in its 8th Annual Postgraduate Conference which will be held on 2nd-3rd May 2017. The Theme for this year’s Conference is “The Age of Sustainability? – Opportunities, Challenges and Critiques”. With the Sustainable Development Goals setting the tone for the future of global development, emphasising cross-sectorial sustainability, we invite postgraduate researchers engaging with this issue to participate.

This one and a half-day event is geared at providing a supportive academic atmosphere that will facilitate the sharing of current postgraduate research in areas related to International Development. We are keen to hear both academic and practitioner-based research perspectives. Throughout the conference open forums and networking events will be held. The event will be opened by keynote speaker Paige West, from Columbia University, New York. Refreshments will also be provided.

This year’s conference will award exciting prizes to exceptional participants. The best paper will have an opportunity to be published in international journals International Development Planning Review (IDPR) and Conservation & Society, subject to appropriateness and peer-review process, but supported by SIID staff and journal editors. Up to 10 prizes of £100 each will be awarded to stand out participants who can deliver their paper in an articulate and interesting manner. A number of travel and accommodation bursaries are also available.

How to Participate

To book your place, click here.

External Presenters – £40
Presenters from the University of Sheffield – £20
General admission – £20