Event Summary:

In the era of globalization, the rising tide of environmental concerns alongside the unrelenting drive for economic growth has created a paradox for Third World states. Development is still narrowly understood as industrialization. States endowed with natural resources give undue priority for economic growth and policies on resource exploitation, and this contradicts significant efforts aimed at mitigating the environmental costs of consumerism in emerging countries and the industrialized world. In this context, the one-day workshop aims to bring together young and established international scholars working on Southeast Asian politics, natural resource governance, and comparative historical social sciences to explore the inter-linkages between states, nature and the exercise of political power in the context of the Global South.

Session 1: Scoping the Field of Resource Politics

Lead: Professor Jin Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan

Session 2: States and the Interpretation of Nature

Lead: Dr. Takeshi Ito, Sophia University, Japan

Session 3: Institutions, Democracy and Environmental Governance

Lead: Dr. Jewellord Nem Singh, University of Sheffield, UK


If you would like to participate, please confirm your participation here. For more information on the workshop, please view the event programme, or email Jojo Nem Singh (j.nemsingh@sheffield.ac.uk)


We would like to acknowledge the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation for funding this workshop, alongside other research and teaching-related activities in 2014-2015.