This is an external event, organised by the University of East Anglia

‘Gender Relations and Increasing Inequalities’

This conference aims to bring together leading academics, researchers and research scholars for a sustained consideration of changing gender relations in contexts of rising inequality, and new ways of thinking about gender relations. We believe that a better understanding of how gender relations influence and are affected by processes of economic and social polarisation, at a range of scales from the very local to the global, is critical in order to inform development policy.

The conference has seven major panels:
1. Migration, Status and multi/trans-national relations
2. Social Reproduction, Generations and Educational Aspirations
3. “Gender Equality” norms, mobilisation and policy change
4. Gender Inequality, Consumption and Changing Identities
5. Labour markets, microfinance and women’s empowerment
6. Environmental/climatic change and gendered inequalities
7. Gender and Violence

Conference Flyer

Call for Panels – deadline 18th December 2014
Call for Papers – 16th January 2015