Call for Abstracts: Inward-Outward: Exploring the ethics of decolonial research

This workshop will take place at the University of Sheffield from 9.30 am – 16.00 pm on Thursday 27th June in Arts Tower Seminar Room 1318 and 1319. A vegetarian and vegan lunch and refreshments will be provided, and the location is wheelchair accessible. Spaces are limited.

The debate on decolonizing the ethics of Academic research within the structures of the University has been ongoing for decades. Rooted in notions of social justice, this debate locates ‘colonisation’ at the core of its critique. It challenges the eurocentric culture of education, problematizes the lack of diversity, and takes ‘difference’ seriously. Intrigued by recent contributions to this debate such as, Decolonizing the University and Dismantling Race in Higher Education, this one-day workshop contributes to the debate by exploring the ethics of decolonial research through the university. Keeping a reference to the university conventional procedures, this workshop is structured around two main aspects of decolonizing research; (inward) the institution of the university and (outward) to the field. (Inward) involves the procedures, hierarchies, gate-keepers, visibility, recognition. (Outward) involves the positionalities, accountabilities, responsibilities, decisions, etc. Whereas each of the terms inward and outward cites a directions and a trajectory, the aim is to think of how these critiques could move between the inside and the outside in order to shake the grounds of the colony.


  • Professor Jenny Robinson (University College London)
  • Dr Lata Narayanaswamy (University of Leeds)

We encourage participation from Early Career Researchers (ECRs). If you would like to be part of this discussion, we invite you to submit a 150-word abstract no later than 24th May. In your abstract we kindly ask you to brief your experience of decolonising research or interest in the decolonial ethics and how you think your discussion could contribute to our two main themes. Please submit your abstracts to this form.

For any questions about the event please email Juliet de Little at

This event is being run by the Decolonial reading group from the University of Sheffield, and is supported by the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), the Cities, Environment and Liveability (CEL) pathway of the White Rose Doctoral Training Programme (WRDTP), and the Sheffield Institute of International Development (SIID).

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