SIID are excited to announce a public lecture with Pablo Yanguas, research fellow with the Effective States and Inclusive Development Research Centre (ESID) at the University of Manchester, and author of provocative new book “Why we lie about Aid: Development and the messy Politics of Change”.

This event will take place in The Diamond, Lecture Theatre 9  5pm – 6:30pm on Nov 6th 2018.

About the lecture:

Foreign aid is about charity. International development is about technical fixes. At least that is what we, as donor publics, are constantly told. Behind the meaningless figures of government reports and evocative images of charity appeals lies the reality of development and cooperation – a contentious process in which local reformers struggle to advance institutional change against entrenched political elites. Instead of embracing the complexity and values of reform, however, partisan discourse in donor countries has produced a highly dysfunctional aid system which mistakes short-term results for long-term transformation and gets attacked across the political spectrum, with the right claiming we spend too much, and the left that we don’t spend enough. Pablo Yanguas argues a different approach is possible, one that acknowledges aid as being about struggle, about taking sides, about politics. But such an approach requires an underlying moral vision that may be no longer be viable in a time of growing nationalism.

Find out more about Pablo’s book here.

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