Applications are now being accepted for a ESRC-funded, White Rose DTC collaborative studentship, due to start in October 2016.  With a focus on entrepreneurism, governance and conservation, the studentship is to be co-hosted by the Universities of Sheffield and York with SIID Director Professor Dan Brockington as Principal Supervisor.

With the theme of Mediating Entrepreneurialism in Conservation: Negotiating market governance, civil society and the state, this PhD project will explore the role of entrepreneurs in different settings as agents of governance change. This can pertain to advocacy and lobbying to alter formal government regulation, or to less formal networking and persuasion, to mobilizing and working with local networks and NGOs, to developing new commodities in response to market demands and the changed production practices these require (for example in when meeting the requirements of certification regimes).

The project will be a collaborative one alongside MICAIA, a medium-sized NGO based in Mozambique. MICAIA is an innovative organization and has developed a number of projects involving a mixture of markets, community mobilization, civil society, government regulation and certification to achieve conservation objectives. This project will seek to understand the broader entrepreneurial context in which they operate, seeking to understand how the changes MICAIA seeks are embedded (or not) into broader networks of innovation and change.

This PhD project is part of a White Rose Doctoral Training Centre network, comprising three studentships, seven supervisors from Leeds, Sheffield and York, and staff from three partner NGOs which uses new approaches and methodologies to explore how different forms of conservation governance produce different kinds of social and environmental impacts, and what policies work best, for whom and where. The network directly responds to recent calls for more systematic and rigorous evaluation of the link between different forms of conservation governance and their negative or the positive impacts on the environment and human well-being. It provides partners with new ways of looking at longstanding problems within their areas of conservation, which can readily be made available in policy-relevant forms. As part of the network this PhD will be co-supervised by Bryce Beukers-Stewart of the University of York, with Prof Dan Brockington from the University of Sheffield as Prinicpal Supervisor.

For more details on how to apply, and the eligbility criteria for this studentship, please visit the White Rose DTC and Department of Geography websites.

You can contact Prof. Dan Brockington directly on