This month will see Dr Jewellord Nem Singh present a paper and co-convene a panel at CEISAL Oporto, Portugal.

CEISAL is a network that brings together leading institutes, centres specialising in Latin American studies and national associations of social research on Latin America from Europe, with fifty-one members representing 19 European countries.

CEISAL main bodies are the General Assembly, composed of the institutes / associations members and the Executive Committee, elected by the General Assembly with a maximum of nine members. Both bodies meet annually. The meetings of recent years took place in Moscow (2001), Amsterdam (2002), Toulouse (2003), Bratislava (2004), Vienna (2005), Belgrade (2006), Brussels (2007), Warsaw (2008), Porto (2009), Toulouse (2010) and Salamanca (2011), Vienna (2012).

One of the main objectives is to gain visibility CEISAL and have a more pronounced in the scientific world.

Panel: Trouble in Paradise: the end of Chilean exceptionalism?

Paper: Grugel, J and Nem Singh, J. 2013. ‘Protest, poltiics, pact making and neoliberal transitions interpreting the significance of the student movement in chilean democratisation’.