Dr Lorenza Fontana is to give two conferences in Bolivia.

The Post-graduate Centre of the University San Simon and the NGO Ciudadania have invited Dr Lorenza Fontana to present her work in a seminar in the city of Cochabamba. The organizers are University Center for Advanced Studies (CESU) – through the Masters Programme of Environment and Sustainable Development, and Social Studies Community and Public Action (CITIZENSHIP).

Dr Fontana will also be giving another conference next week at the French Alliance of La Paz.  About the conference: Sixty years after Ucureña reform, the land issue remains an unresolved issue. While the CPE establishes guidelines to address the endemic conflict between landowners and indigenous East conflict other axis, is not sufficient support for resolution and continues to destabilize several areas of the country. It is a clash between titans of the change process: the peasant union federations (CSUTCB, Bartolinas and CSCIB) and native indigenous movements (CONAMAQ and CIDOB). These organizations articulate different discourses-and sometimes incompatible-on management and land ownership. Beyond a difference of interpretation of property rights, these conflicts feed on deep fractures in terms of social organization and collective identities. From the analysis of specific cases, this paper investigates the causes of land conflicts between social organizations and places in relation to recent policy reforms from the INRA law. From a broader perspective, these conflicts also offer the opportunity to reflect on the great dilemma of how to reconcile our communities belonging to different values, cultures, languages, political community inclusive and fair to all members.