Dr. Lorenza Fontana, Postdoctoral Research Associate at SIID, will be taking part in the annual CUCS Congress conference on the 19-21 September 2013. The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Imagining cultures of cooperation’

Dr. Lorenza Fontana will be presenting a seminar on ‘The Power of Ethnic Labelling: The role of international cooperation and the academic community in shaping the new indigenous movements in Bolivia’:

“Since the electoral victory of the Aymara coca growers’ leader Evo Morales in 2005, Bolivia has been undergoing a phase of political transition. One of the most important element within this process is the consolidation of a new discourse around the ‘indigenous’ that led to key instructional reforms inspired by the so-called ‘identity politics’. This phenomenon cannot be fully understood without considering the role, over the last three decades, of external actors, including the international cooperation and the academic community, and their active support to the emerging indigenous movements as well as to the process of legislative reform. This paper will propose a critical perspective on normative paradigms inspired by the ‘politics of recognition’, through the presentation of two case-studies: the role played by the Danish cooperation in funding the titling of collective indigenous land, and the foundation of a native organization among aymara and uru communities, under the guidance and advice of a group of anthropologists.”

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