Home as a site for civil society and global development

by Dr. Sarah Peck, University of Northumbria   Photo by author (2020). Artwork by Jo Peel.  The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown new light on our working spaces, and the role, suitability and function of the home as space of work. This focus on the home as a workspace emphasises some of the racialised, gendered and […]


Are Female Teachers Better for Girls’ Education?

Written by Alexis Le Nestour and David Evans, originally published via the Centre for Global Development. Girls’ success in school is critical to their personal futures and is an international development imperative. But what’s the best way to achieve that? In different times and in different places, people have tested many different types of interventions. […]


The war on women and children in South Africa

The family is the site of extremely violent incidents in South African society—particularly involving women and children. What can the state do?


How radio can help empower women in Niger

In Niger, women experience widespread gender inequality, and child marriage is common. See how radio, as a vehicle for information, is being used as a tool for women’s empowerment.


The process of inclusion in innovation: a feminist perspective

Findings from a recently published paper on inclusive innovation, which draws insights from innovation hubs in the UK and Zambia.