So let’s talk about menstruation

Dr. Lata Narayanaswamy, Honourary Research Fellow at SIID and an Advisory Board Member of Irise International

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Whose city? Kigali, population growth and prospects for Rwanda’s urban future

Tom Goodfellow, Lecturer in the Development and Urban Studies at the University of Sheffield

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Contentious Politics and Mining Regimes

Jojo Nem Singh, Lecturer in Development at the University of Sheffield

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What recent episodes of protest and violence in Venezuela tells the region

Guest post by Pía Riggirozzi, Senior Lecturer in Global Politics at the University of Southampton

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Young People and Overseas Aid

Mo Ali, Amy Barnes, Sam Ramsden & Simon Rushton

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What future for a post-Mandela South Africa?

Mandela was commonly revered as a father of the post-apartheid South African nation and his death on 5th December was felt across the world. Dan Hammett asks ‘What might the future hold for a post-Mandela nation?’

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