Creative writing: part of democratic change

Sarah Peck reflects on the use of creative writing as a way of making ‘politics public’ in democratic societies

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Co-operative coca reduction in Bolivia

Zero-coca policies prove ineffective in Bolivia, argues Thomas Grisaffi, as he explains the benefits of a co-operative system focused on reduction, not eradication.

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Bolivia Brings in the Right of Children to Work from 10 Years Old

Robin Cavagnoud examines the competing conceptions of childhood surrounding the recent changes to Bolivia’s child labour laws

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Harnessing the Wind for Rural Development

Wind Empowerment’s 2nd global conference highlights some of the opportunities and challenges for the sustainable use of small wind technologies in the Global South.

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The British crisis and the ‘end of neoliberalism’: Lessons from Latin America

There are many useful lessons to be learnt from the Latin American debate about ‘post-neoliberal’ political economy, argue Jean Grugel & Pia Riggirozzi

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The adaptation language: implications for working at the boundaries of research, policy and practice

Guest post by Jami Dixon as part of the Interdisciplinary Exchanges Series

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