Is ‘give them land rights’ enough? Taking the temperature of the global land debate

Originally posted on Duncan Green’s ‘From Poverty to Power’ Blog A bunch of students and academics from Sheffield University had what sounds like a fun time at last week’s big global meeting on land. George Barrett, Yoshabel Durand, Tom Goodfellow, Vremudia Irikefe, Mikael Omstedt, Edward Searight, Julie Shi, Deborah Sporton and Nguyen Vo report back. Last week, dispersed among 700 […]

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Designing Research Agendas that Matter for a Post-2015 World

Lorenza Fontana discusses research designs in relation to Post-2015 exploring opportunities for collaboration between academics and development practitioners.

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Placing truth at the heart of the road to ‘never again’

Ana Laura Zavala Guillén draws upon her experience as a human rights lawyer to question how we can effectively unearth and address the truth of gross human rights violations.

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Plurinational citizenship in the making

Lorenza Fontana looks at how plurinationalism in Bolivia is challenging notions of ‘state’ and ‘nation’

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Equality for women is progress for all? Unpicking resistance to equality in a South African informal settlement

Dr. Paula Meth examines how rights are experienced by marginalised men and women in Durban

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Zero Discrimination Day: Leave no-one behind

Andrew Lee calls us to action on 1st March.

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