Do’s and Don’ts for using Digital Tools in the Covid-19 response – Learning from the ICT4D field

by Dorothea Kleine Prof Dorothea Kleine leads SIID’s Digital, Data and Innovation research theme. She has undertaken research in the area of ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) including as an action researcher and an adviser to practice and policy. She has been an adviser on digital development to UNESCO, Unicef, UNCTAD, Oxfam, Malala […]

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Ordinary lives, extraordinary times

A call for contributions to a new themed blog series at SIID. by Megnaa Mehtta and Nabeela Ahmed   Here at the University of Sheffield, as with several universities across the UK, the impacts of COVID-19 were most directly felt at an institutional level, from mid-March onward. However, the timing of reactions, responses and indeed […]

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Locked out under coronavirus lockdown – continuing exclusion of India’s migrant workforce

By Nabeela Ahmed and Priya Deshingkar India announced a national lockdown for 21 days to control the spread of Covid-19 in the world’s second most populous country, on the 24th of March. While the government declared the protective measures involve ‘simply having to stay home’, for millions of internal labour migrants in India this means an […]

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Ghost towns and crackdowns: The politics of urban Covid-19 control

By Tom Goodfellow and David Jackman As different responses to coronavirus are implemented around the world, cities have come sharply into focus. One city will forever be associated with the unleashing of Covid-19, and cities account for the most dramatic infection rates. For obvious reasons, urban areas are seen as constituting the most threatening environments for the transmission of […]

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Seriously Funny: Politics, Health and Comedy in Sierra Leone

By Laura S. Martin During the West African Ebola crisis, outreach became critical to combating the spread of infection. In Sierra Leone, Laura Martin writes, comedians proved to be a popular and effective means of spreading these messages, as well as offering relief to quarantined homes. Comedians thrived during this period with regular employment opportunities […]

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Taking Nature Into Account – Reflections on a ‘Super Seminar’

by Alejandra Zaga-Mendez and Rose Pritchard In December 2019, SIID and the University of Sheffield Department of Geography held an interdisciplinary ‘Super Seminar’ on the use of market-based mechanisms in conservation. Involving visiting speakers from the Universities of Antwerp and Québec and over 30 Sheffield staff and students, the resulting discussion raised important questions on […]

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