On Labor Mobility, Economic Growth, and Targeted Programs

Guest blog post by Lant Pritchett.

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How radio can help empower women in Niger

In Niger, women experience widespread gender inequality, and child marriage is common. See how radio, as a vehicle for information, is being used as a tool for women’s empowerment.

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Why Are Geniuses Destroying Jobs in Uganda?

Lant Pritchett: “This juxtaposition makes my head explode: Why are the world’s scarcest economic resources devoted to economizing one of the world’s most abundant economic resources?”

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The body and the mind: the benefits of studying development from a psychosocial perspective

If development is freedom, then how do you know that you are free?

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Researcher Critically Examines Movements for Global Mental Health

China Mills raises concerns that global mental health movements obscure social determinants of health and naturalize Western mental health concepts.

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India’s colonial legacy almost caused Bangalore to run out of water

On hot summer days in Bangalore, India, it is common to see public water taps on roadsides hissing and spurting as water struggles to come out.

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