Juany Murphy is International Relations Manager at the Otra Cosa Network (OCN), working to promote the OCN and build links with Universities and other partner organisations in the UK, across Europe and around the world. Juany’s background is in education and she started the OCN literacy programme with women in Northern Peru. 


The Nuestra Voz (Our Voices)  project began in May 2015, through the OCN, in the district of Huanchaco in Northern Peru. This is an area surrounded by erosion, violence, poverty and lack of political will. The project, which has been made possible thanks to a grant from BOND, aims to raise awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals by sharing the real-life stories and testimonies of the nine individual young photographers who live in the Huanchaco area.

The young people involved in the project all come from difficult backgrounds and through OCN’s partner FairMail, they have benefitted from training to become photographers. The journey began through a series of workshops that consisted of introducing the young photographers to the Sustainable Development Goals and using these themes to express their ideas, documenting their reality through photos.

This exhibition shows special moments shared between the nine photographers and myself, during my visit to Peru in July and August 2015.

This unique project attempts to amplify the voices of marginalised youths and to empower them to share their photographic experiences. Social photography is used as a means of communication, in order to give a voice to the young people. The exhibition expresses the views of the young photographers by illustrating how they see the sustainable development through their photographic production. It shows the young photographers’ determinism, resilience and eagerness to learn and serves as an inspiration for many other young people. The photographers have shared meaningful moments from their lives through their images. Impressive encounters, scenes from the rubbish dump, sad realities and colourful photos are amongst those shared to record the feelings and voices of the young Peruvian photographers.

The exhibition took place in Portsmouth, London, Oxford, Birmingham and Sheffield Universities and showed 16 photos grouped around the themes of Ending poverty & hunger, Education, Health & well-being, Education, Equality and empowerment, Water, Energy and infrastructure, Climate change and sustainability, and Peace and security.

The exhibition opened in Sheffield on 3rd December and ran until 9th December 2015.

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