What kind of research should inform Covid responses?

June 22, 2020 This post is co-authored with Irene Guijt   If we agree that evidence-informed policy and practice are good things, we need to think about what kind of research gets commissioned. Some kinds of research are definitely more useful than others. We’ve been discussing the urgent needs in Covid research with Heather Marquette (after her […]


Do’s and Don’ts for using Digital Tools in the Covid-19 response – Learning from the ICT4D field

by Dorothea Kleine Prof Dorothea Kleine leads SIID’s Digital, Data and Innovation research theme. She has undertaken research in the area of ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) including as an action researcher and an adviser to practice and policy. She has been an adviser on digital development to UNESCO, Unicef, UNCTAD, Oxfam, Malala […]

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Decolonising innovation: is another innovation possible?

Much is written about the role of innovation in contributing to the wellbeing of people in the global South.

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Data Science Africa

This article reports a conversation that took place between SIID Fellow Dr Mike Smith, and Tẹjúmádé Àfọ̀njá. Data Science Africa is a workshop and summer school that takes place each year in both East and West Africa. It began as a Gaussian Process summer school organised by the team in the AI Lab at Makerere, Uganda […]

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Report from the LIBSENSE Repository Workshop I

Report written by Kathleen Shearer, Omo Oaiya and Iryna Kuchma, and originally published 2.12.18 via WACREN (West and Central African Research and Education Network) On November 19 & 20, 2018, a repository workshop was held in Zanzibar City, Tanzania. The workshop was jointly organized by West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN), EIFL and the Confederation […]

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The body and the mind: the benefits of studying development from a psychosocial perspective

If development is freedom, then how do you know that you are free?

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