[How Do We “Know” the World Series] Part III: Looking Back to Walk Forward: Decolonisation as Self-Determination

Aotearoa, the long white cloud. A vast country secluded by ocean; a depth of ecological beauty with rolling hills of green, empowering mountains that cut through soft white clouds; rivers, lakes and oceans that flow with the crisp, clean air; sunsets that radiate the surroundings with a peachy gentleness; long roads and vast land; a silence that fills the void with reflection.


Seeing and Being Development’s ‘Other’: Representations of Africa and Diaspora Audiences

While Comic Relief telethons raise, as they always do, millions of sympathy-laden donations from well-entertained audiences, my lasting impressions of this programme would always be of a vast horde of shaven-headed, undifferentiated masses smiling and waving enthusiastically at the documentary-makers camera.

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Why Are Geniuses Destroying Jobs in Uganda?

Lant Pritchett: “This juxtaposition makes my head explode: Why are the world’s scarcest economic resources devoted to economizing one of the world’s most abundant economic resources?”

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Understanding ethics of doing interdisciplinary research with refugee communities (or trying to!)

Independently of the discipline, all research faces ethical challenges at different stages.

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There Are Better Ways To Fight Poverty Than Giving Money To Corporations

“By focusing their branding and marketing around an important societal issue, corporations advance self-serving industrial agendas, thereby avoiding social backlash.”

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Why Humanosphere’s hibernation matters – and what we can do about it

On 1st July, Humanosphere is taking a break – possibly never to return…

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