I am proud and delighted to introduce this week’s series of events and blogs celebrating the work of the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID). SIID is the flagship interdisciplinary research institute promoting impactful research on international development issues across all faculties in the University. Our network includes a growing fellowship of over 70 researchers, a multitude of masters students, a strong PhD group, as well as a wider community of academic and practitioner partners in governments, think tanks and NGOs around the world.

Collectively our vision is for social and environmental justice in a prosperous world. We insist that social, economic, political, and environmental injustices cannot be resolved, nor prosperity found, simply from economic growth. We seek solutions to these problems that are based on partnerships which transcend disciplines, institutions and borders.

We do this by fostering bespoke alliances across the University, the UK and overseas, with colleagues inside and outside academia. To that end we convene both small-scale and flagship events to bring together key people and organisations. We provide seed-corn funding for new projects. We are building a research community of newly qualified post-doctoral researchers in Sheffield and we are fostering a set of key national and international partnerships so that we can rapidly respond to new challenges and opportunities.

This week we have the chance of giving you a flavour of what SIID does – and why. We will be promoting a series of blogs and stories about a tiny proportion of the work that SIID fellows and students undertake. We are also hosting a launch event for Duncan Green’s latest book How Change Happens, as well as a panel at the Grantham annual symposium. Next week Michael Woolcock is visiting and lecturing at this event. We will also be revealing more about a research project which maps development charities in the UK. All this is only a tiny fraction of all that goes on here. Follow our blog, and twitter feed, to learn more, to catch up with new research findings, collaborations with development partners or the latest job opportunities.

Dan Brockington, Director of SIID