A workshop funded by the Sheffield Institute for International Development will welcome leading US academics to discuss data use in the new post-2015 agenda. Taking place on 13-15 June 2016, the workshop is called ‘Evaluating Socioeconomic and Environmental Outcomes of Social Processes & Sustainable Development Interventions’ and will be led by University of Sheffield researchers Dr. Johan Oldekop and Dr. Karl Evans.

The Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement herald a new phase for international development and cooperation. This new post-2015 agenda will join other global sustainability targets (e.g. Aichi Targets), and will be accompanied by a myriad of existing and new development and natural resource management interventions implemented by numerous actors, including governments, non-governmental and international organizations. The past few years have seen significant rise in the availability of environmental and socioeconomic datasets and the integration of advanced statistical methods to help evaluate the joint socioeconomic and environmental outcomes of interventions and social processes. this workshop will bring together leading academics from numerous disciplines to discuss how to best make use of the data currently available to us, and  best practices for impact evaluation, including limitations and areas of potential innovation.

The workshop will explore questions such as:
• What kinds of publicly available data sets are available where, and how can they be best combined to assess the outcomes of interventions and social processes?

• What kinds of analytical techniques are available to assess multiple outcomes, and how can they be used to understand – not only the impacts – but variation in these impacts?

• What kinds of approaches should we use when data for standard impact evaluations approaches are not available at sufficiently small spatial scales, or when interventions occur at higher levels of governance?

For more information about the workshop and research project, please contact either Johan or Karl on j.a.oldekop@sheffield.ac.uk / karl.evans@sheffield.ac.uk