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  • Third workshop for Interdisciplinary Exchanges kicks off

    September 15, 2014

    Today is the third installment of our ESRC seminar series on Natural Resource Management in the 21st century. The theme of today’s workshop, hosted by the University of Leeds, is ‘Local Adaptation to Climate Change’ This seminar aims to advance debates about adaptation to climate change and variability. Discussion will revolve around two themes: 1. Conceptualising […]

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  • Why Neoliberalism’s Unregulated Global Debt System is for the Birds (and Vultures)

    September 10, 2014

    Daniel Ozarow, Lecturer at Middlesex University London and Convener of the  Argentina Research Network UK Adapted from an article in Critical Legal Thinking An eerie sense of calm pervaded the bustling streets of Buenos Aires as local Porteños calmly went about their daily business. It was 31st July 2014 and the clock had just run […]

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